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How can I protect ideas?

Here we go!
You have a million-dollar idea that keeps you up at night and you want to immediately work on it and share it with the world. Until you share your idea, it’s kept in a safe space — in your head. Once you start sharing it, not only…

Dostali jste se někdy do situace, kdy jste potřebovali dokázat, že váš digitální dokument je opravdu váš? Nebo se jednoduše chcete pojistit a ochránit své duševní vlastnictví předtím, než bude pozdě?

Jak vůbec fungují časová razítka, kde je použít a jak postupovat? …

The thrill of making something new is a feeling that every creative individual cherishes.

Whether you’ve just written a novel, composed a catchy melody, built an original structure with your 3D printer, or illustrated something that’s never been seen before, the moment a new idea finds its form is something…

Have you spent enough time thinking about the security of your intellectual property?

Maybe you have a great idea you’re ready to share with the world. But you know it’s worth copying — and that’s exactly what you want to avoid!
Or maybe you need feedback on a new project, but you’re scared to share your creation because you haven’t copyrighted it yet.

We have launched Mytitle Business for companies 🎉

Mytitle Business is the answer to the requirements of our corporate customers. And it’s our pleasure to share the work of our developer team with you.

Mytitle Business

Use current technologies in your business. Invite your coworkers and start protecting your intellectual property together.

Every uploaded document or folder is submitted to the blockchain which immediately generates a certificate within seconds.

In your company account, you can easily make access rules for employees or create different workspaces. We can also offer you a white label edition of Mytitle Business.

Take a look at and connect with your team.

Let’s get to know real cases of when to use digital timestamp and situations where troubles of not having proof of ownership have escalated.

On the 3rd of December 2019, we held a conference about the future of coworking and the protection of intellectual property. Our founders, Vít Krajíček and Ctirad Hemelík, presented Mytitle as a useful product providing intellectual property right protection using blockchain technology.

We invited people from the creative and business…

Varhan Orchestrovic Bauer discusses music with Mytitle

Mytitle had the pleasure to learn about Varhan’s approach to writing his orchestral pieces. In our short video, we learn how he reached the point of securing his work, the experience in obtaining copyright, royalties, and the practical aspects of organising musical compositions. We also reviewed how our new features under development at Mytitle can be used by songwriters, musicians, and composer’s can assist them in every step of creation. We solicited Varhan’s opinion on our versioning options, sharing of encrypted files, and preserving early drafts.

Varhan Orchestrovic Bauer

Viktor Košut

Jeffrey Monteforte & Viktor Košut

An informal conversation with our corporate lawyer Viktor Košut about copyrights, how a person can protect their intellectual property, and addressing common myths in securing original work.

The Debriefing: Our interview with Mr. Košut related to debunking myths commonly associated with copyrighting and protecting one’s work. It was stressed in…

An informal talk about Mytitle services and new bundle packages

Jan, thank you for taking a moment with us. When you became part of our leadership team, who did you imagine would be best served by Mytitle?

Jan: We felt that we were creating a valuable tool for many people. Artists, professionals, and creatives in general desperately needed this tool…

We all have heard the words, „blockchain” and „cryptocurrency.” Few people, however, seem to be able to explain it or have a basic understanding of how it works. We at Mytitle will take a moment to simplify a few key terms.

Let’s go through the basics.

A blockchain is simply…


Digital notary for securing people’s intellectual property with digital timestamp to prove their ownership. We love innovative technologies, mainly blockchain.

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